PwC Accounting Olympiad 2013

PwC Accounting Olympiad was held in KIMEP University on 24 April 2013.

The board of judges included Alper Akdeniz (PwC Managing Partner), Oksana Korneo (KIMEP Professor), Tim McAllister (PwC Assurance Partner) and Natalya Bekbatyrova (PwC HC Leader). We had more than 100 applicants from top Almaty universities, such as KIMEP, KBTU, IAB, UIB and SDU. New interactive Olympiad format challenged students’ finance knowledge, leadership, teamwork and presentation skills like never before.

30 semifinalists were awarded with career oriented training from Jan Stepan (PwC Development Leader). And five finalists PwC won one month paid internship in PwC Assurance Department.

Photos of the event