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PwC launched R&C Club in Kazakhstan. The idea to create R&C_Club@PwC was generated based on our constant contact with  key players within the Kazakhstan market  from this dynamically growing industry. Our clients are successfully penetrating the market and forecast ambitious plans for the future. We want to explore  up-coming opportunities here, considering that Kazakhstan continues to enjoy economic growth and further economic diversification with essential focus on R&C.

R&C_Club@PwC will represent a platform for fruitful discussions  among industry participants and  R&C experts, committed to address the various challenges and opportunities facing the Kazakhstan R&C sector. We also hope that  the creation of  R&C_Club@PwC  would represent an excellent opportunity for participants to establish new networks within the R&C industry, as well as to share ideas and gain technical knowledge.

For more information, please, contact Svetlana Ceban at svetlana.x.ceban@kz.pwc.com