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Our team helps technology sector companies effectively manage their operations during a time of unprecedented change in the sector and offers assistance with various aspects of business. This includes developing an R&D strategy and raising funds, cutting costs and managing risks, developing incentive programmes for business partners, and solving indirect taxation issues resulting from the introduction of the Customs Union between Belarus and Russia, among other issues.

Growing demand for network bandwidth and cheaper devices with more features is driving the technology sector, but at the same time, we want our technology to be environmentally friendly. This presents specific business issues for companies operating and competing in the sector.

How we can help

PwC’s dedicated team serving technology sector companies works with various key global players, including semiconductor manufacturers, software leaders, and computer and networking companies. To help you navigate the complexities of the sector, we supplement our team’s industry-specific knowledge and share expertise using the global PwC network, which includes over 10,000 industry professionals. This helps us find the most appropriate solutions for you, bringing together local industry-specific insights and standard international practice.

We cooperate with PwC Russia on technologies and innovations. In 2010 was created the Center for Technology and Innovation (CTI). PwC leading specialists in technology advise companies, industries and regions on strategies for innovation development, work on the development of technological clusters, and provide integrated services to technology start-up businesses. CTI also carries out research and issues publications on trends in innovation, technology and venture financing.