Insurance Banana Skins 2013

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This survey, conducted by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) and sponsored by PwC, seeks out insurers’ views on current risks facing the industry and ranks them in order. The Insurance Banana Skins survey was first conducted in 2007

This is the fourth time we have joined forces with the CSFI to explore what risks insurers face and how they prioritize them. The report has produced an interesting perspective on the key risks insurers face, how their assessment of key risks has changed and the different areas of focus of insurers around the world.

This year, the survey results are based on 662 responses from individuals across 54 countries.


  • Regulation is once again the number one risk
  • Fragile economic environment and subdued investment performance also remain high on the list of concerns
  • Guaranteed products, a new entrant, but straight in at number 6
  • There’s a risk that by solely focusing on short-term issues insurers could miss the even more far-reaching threats and opportunities coming up over the horizon