PwC PayWell Kazakhstan 2016

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Salary and Benefits Survey

PayWell Report contains:

  • Market data on remuneration of employees:
    • Base pay
    • Variable pay
    • Target bonuses
    • Total compensation
  • Analytical section on benefits and HR practices

Salary and benefits Survey PayWell Kazakhstan 2016 covers the following sectors:

  • Financial sector
  • R&C/FMCG
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy/Mining
  • Insurance
  • Hotels
  • TV Media
  • Legal services

Each client may chose an option to purchase General report, industry specific report, or peer group report (you may chose the list of companies for peer group - optional).

PwC PayWell Survey will help you in:

  • developing compensation policies and benefits package according to the market practices
  • defining competitive level of remuneration of key employees
  • planning salary review in your company based on market indicators

Survey dates:

April – May  2016: Registration of participants and distribution of questionnaires

June – July  2016: Individual job matching sessions

July – August  2016: Data collection and analysis

September 2016: Report release

  • International experience in conducting annual and specialized surveys
  • Individual approach:
    • individual meetings and full support at the questionnaires completion stage
    • survey consultants are specialised by sectors
    • individual presentations with survey results
  • High quality of data::
    • regular update of the job catalogue taking into account specifics of each industry
    • thorough check of the input data and validation of output data at each survey stage
  • Practical MS Excel based interactive tool for individual salary data comparison with the market
  • Update of key data within the bi-annual Snapshot survey and in case of significant changes on labour market
  • High data confidentiality standards
  • Free of charge participation in the seminar “HR analytics: measurement and practical application of benchmarking” (June 2016)
  • 10 key indicators on human capital effectiveness from PwC Saratoga global survey
  • Snapshot survey on the impact of devaluation on the labor market of Kazakhstan in 2015 (December 2015)


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