PwC PayWell Kazakhstan 2014

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Should we increase salaries of all employees or implement a differentiated revision? How to manage variable pay?

Salary Surveys provide companies with relevant information to be able to compare with the market practice level of their employees’ compensation and offered benefits package.

This year we are planning to conduct Salary Survey in the following sectors: Finance, FMCG, IT/Media sectors and others.

You can purchase the Paywell Survey in General market or Industrial format.


Salary Survey 2014 includes:

  • analysis of policies, practices and salary levels of your sector;
  • information about the current levels of remuneration on the market, taking into account sector specifics.

Survey Features

  • On-line platform
  • We consider all elements of compensation: base salary, variable pay, benefits and pay policy
  • A detailed analytical section on compensation and benefits policies (trends)
  • Each participant can choose a reference group from the list of Survey participants (optional)
  • We use a combination of two approaches: functional job descriptions and hierarchical levels

Why PwC?

  • Significant experience in conducting surveys since 2006
  • The largest Kazakhstani and multinational companies participate in our surveys
  • Support of participants:
    • Convenience and simplicity in filling out questionnaires
    • Detailed instructions for completing questionnaires, containing answers to FAQ
    • Individual consultations while filling out the questionnaires
  • Materials are available in two languages in electronic format through on-line platform
  • Convenient tool to analyze data
  • High standards of data privacy

Survey dates

February - April 2014: Registration of participants and distribution of questionnaires 

May - June 2014: Individual job mathching sessions 

July - August 2014: Data collection and analysis 

September 2014: Report release


Contact our survey team:

Tatyana Tsoy
+7 (727) 330 32 01 ext. 4056

Irina Kopylova
+7 (727) 330 32 01 ext. 4205