Training material has been distributed among thirty lessons and intended for the primary level of learning the language. Course Content is structured by sophistication level of the language and speech material, its growth and complication from lesson to lesson. Topics of the lessons represent popular standard dialogues and communicative situations taken from everyday life, and recommended to use as basic models, to be able to expand them further and change as required for actual life experience. Since this course has been mainly developed for independent self-education work, the work procedure has been unified and consequential, as well as the overall training is built within an integrated algorithm. Training course consists of:

  • text dialogue material
  • audio accompaniment of the text dialogue
  • grammar inquiry-information
  • exercises set
  • relevant texts of standard form (i.e. selecting from the suggested options)

This Course specifically emphasizes speech practice and audition, and that is why every dialogue and vocabulary have audio accompaniment. One has to listen several times and repeat audio examples after the recorder, trying to get complete comprehension and maximally imitate the audio model. Audio capacity and functions of your personal computer are used for this type work.

Reading work includes drill of reading technique, multiple reading of the text until full comprehension.

Grammar inquiry-tables are intended for understanding language materials of every dialogue and exercises. Within this course framework there are brief illustrations given on grammar, and if more in-depth information is needed one has to apply to specific reference materials or your course tutor.

Translation should be done through Kazakh-Russian vocabulary given in every lesson, and translation of the dialogue is also provided at the bottom of the page after audio work, to monitor complete comprehension.



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