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PwC Training Academy is delighted to provide you with the opportunity to obtain a CIMA Diploma in Performance Management (taught in Russian).

For whom is CIMA?

People who want to advance their careers in management accounting, financial management and accounting. People who want to become senior specialists certified by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) will also benefit.


  • Get the knowledge and skills needed for a sustainable business career
  • Increase your value in the job market
  • Structure existing knowledge
  • Get international certification
  • Expand your range of professional communication skills

Why PwC Academy?

PwC Academy has an immense experience in successful training and consulting workshops in management accounting and financial management.

PwC Academy consultant-instructors have wide hands-on experience, and experience in development and conduct of training and consulting workshops.

PwC Academy offers flexible preparation tailored to the level and preferences of participants. Simplified registration procedure for the exam - registration by PwC Academy.

Participants are provided with training materials translated into Russian (approved by CIMA). Detailed solutions are developed by PwC specialists.

PwC Academy provides administrative support in the training process: on-line support and constant monitoring of performance; tests and mock exams.

Clients’ feedback

"I would like to hereby express my gratitude to PwC Academy for organizing the seminars on the program CIMA “Performance Operations” and “Performance Management”. This was conducted to a high standard. I would like to complement excellent organization of all the work, including the venue and timing of the events, top quality materials, professionalism and personal qualities of the coaches (Irina Kim and Veronika Khegay). Both of whom I highly appreciate.  Despite the different styles of training, Irina and Veronika delivered materials at the seminars equally competently and efficiently. I am looking forward to development of cooperation between our company and PwC Academy and wish you further success."
Ye. Zhumayev
Financial Director
MNK KazMunaiTeniz JSC

"I would like to express gratitude for your services of organizing training on the program CIMA “Business Efficiency Management” which was conducted at a top quality level. Further training of the staff is an important component of any business. The efficiency of PwC Academy trainings is in optimal combination of practical skills training and delivery of theoretical material and of course high professionalism of the coaches.  We would like to note the excellent organization of preparation and conduct of this event, wherefore I would like to express gratitude to the staff members of your company. We are looking forward to further cooperation between Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP."
Chief Accountant
Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC

About CIMA

  • CIMA diploma( in performance management) is a management accounting qualification offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • CIMA diploma in performance management is a globally recognized qualification
  • The language of tuition is Russian
  • Exams are fully equivalent to the P1 and P2 CIMA exams translated into Russian. The exams are held simultaneously all over the world.
  • For those who subsequently choose to complete the full CIMA syllabus in English, the CIMA diploma in performance management will give exemptions from the P1 and P2 exams and the whole 1 level of CBA (Certificate of Business Accounting), 5 exams.

Frequently asked questions

For answers to your possible additional questions, please see the list of frequently asked questions on CIMA qualification (with official answers).

List of FAQs

Programme objectives

This programme is tailored for management accounting specialists, finance managers, accountants and company managers who wish to acquire skills in using the financial information for management decision making and to become CIMA-accredited professionals.

An important advantage of the program - CIMA does not impose requirements for education and experience for training and exams.

The purpose of the program participants CIMA - gain the knowledge and skills needed for a sustainable business.

The participants will gain:

  • in-depth understanding of management accounting principles
  • knowledge of key performance appraisal tools and techniques
  • management decision making skills based on finance information and performance management skills
  • an opportunity to make immediate contribution to the decision making process
  • experience in making professional judgements relevant to application of acquired knowledge and skills

CIMA Business Performance Management Programme includes two obligatory modules:

1. Performance operations (examР1)

  • Cost accounting systems
  • Forecasting and budgeting techniques
  • Evaluation of investment project performance
  • Dealing with uncertainty at decision making
  • Managing short-term finance

Download the syllabus of the Performance Operations module (exam Р1)

2. Performance management (examР2)

  • Pricing and product decisions
  • Cost planning and analysis for competitive advantages
  • Budgeting and management control
  • Control and performance management of responsibility centres

Download the syllabus of the Performance Management module (exam Р2)

Programme Structure

PwC Academy offers two options for the training to pass the qualification exams CIMA P1 "Performance management operations" and P2 "Performance Management":

Course Days Structure
Main 8 days+ 4 theory days+ 3 practice days + 6 webinars+mock exam+exam
Intensive 4 days+ 3 theory days+ 3 webinars+mock exam+exam

CIMA Diploma in Performance Management Russian ( Exam 19 May 2016)

CIMA P1 «Performance Operations»

  Almaty Astana
Theory 15-16 March
5-6 April
15-16 March
7-8 April
Practics 25-27 April 27-29 April
Mock exam 7 May 7 May

CIMA P2 Performance Management

  Almaty Astana
Theory 9-10 March
28-29 March
3-4 March
30-31 March
Practics 27-29 April 20-22 April
Mock exam 7 May 8 May


                                                   Almaty                                                       Astana
Main course 500 000 KZT + VAT                               525 000 KZT + VAT
Intensive course 270 000 KZT + VAT                                280 880 KZT + VAT

Corporate course

The exam training program can be conducted for a group of employees of the client company. Venue, timing and format of the corporate program are determined in accordance with the client’s request. PwC Academy specialists will help to choose the programme version which is maximum corresponding with the needs of your staff.


The training programme cost covers the workshops, training materials, interims tests, mock examination and basic examination registration fee.

Special offer discount “Study with your colleagues” on CIMA P1:

Simultaneous registration of 2 participants - 5% discount for each participant.

Simultaneous registration of 5 and more participants -10% discount for each participant.

*registration deadline 1 March 2016