Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate responsibility

PwC fully supports the idea of corporate social responsibility and seeks to conduct its activities so as to facilitate its prosperity in a long-term and sustainable manner. Striving for the leadership in developing the model of the future aimed at sustainable development, we are:

  • promoting socially responsible business practices;
  • ensuring professional growth and development of our employees;
  • seeking to minimize the damage from our environmental footprint.

Corporate Responsibility programme focuses on the engagement with stakeholders in such key areas as:

Responsible business

We seek to operate as responsible market leaders and promote the processes aimed at positive and long-term business changes.

PwC Kazakhstan has been publishing Kazakhstan edition of the Annual Global CEO Survey  for the last six years. This report allows to understand the mood in business environment in the country and to identify areas for optimisation.

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Participation in the activities of local communities

We actively participate in the activities of local communities.

Our employees annually conduct master classes and give lectures at major higher education institutions in Kazakhstan around more than 200 academic hours per year.

We cooperate with more than 12 non-commercial organisations in Almaty and Astana.

In 2017, more than 70 PwC employees took part in different charitable and social projects as volunteers.

PwC Kazakhstan purchased hydrotherapy equipment for disabled children from ARDI association.

The amount of charitable donations made by our employees in 2017 totaled more than KZT 2 millions.

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Social inclusion

We employ the potential of our human resources for enhancing social development.

In Kazakhstan, PwC is contributing significantly to training professionals.

PwC employees regularly conduct training for children raised in orphanages, and also act as mentors helping them to make a decision in occupation choice.

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Caring for the environment

We strive to have a positively impact on the environment. We implement programmes aimed at rational use of natural resources.

We continuously monitor the indicators of resources use by our offices and develop new, more sustainable ways of environmental impact control and mitigation. We also conduct activities to raise the employees’ environmental awareness.

In 2017, PwC continued the sound tradition of tree planting on the territory of HPP 5, in Almaty, as well as participating in Astana city cleaning day.

We continue to collect waste batteries, and in 2017, our office in Astana has supported the project. The number of batteries to be disposed is 40 kg.

Since 2018, we have started to sort our waste.

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