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Kazakhstan edition of 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey 2020

We are pleased to present you the Kazakhstan edition of the 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey 2020.

The world's changing faster than we could have expected.The pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection caused a very serious economic resonance.

Shocking disturbances on the commodity markets has significantly affected many economies, especially where the extraction of raw materials is the dominant component of the GDP structure.

Border closures and trade restrictions disrupted the supply chains all over the world. This year 85% of respondents in Kazakhstan expect a slowdown and stagnation in the global economy. It is obvious that the period of recession and further recovery will be long.

For the fourth consecutive year, an availability of key skills ranks first among business threats especially in the IT sphere. In current realities, CEOs focus on the formation of effective teams within the company through training, retraining, motivation and retaining employees.

It is notable that Uzbekistan ranks second, as the most important country for business development in Kazakhstan for the first time in all 8 years of survey.

Representatives from Kazakhstan and the global business community are concerned about regulations in specific areas. Also, more and more respondents are concerned about cyber threats, data privacy and misinformation as technology changes rapidly. CEOs are ready to interact with the government and develop coordinated approaches in these areas.

Over the past 10 years, companies have had to work in difficult conditions.The COVID-19 pandemic has become a major shock over this period. However there are still opportunities for further development because many CEOs have begun to implement adaptive strategies, introduce new technologies, and improve IT infrastructure. This will allow to survive the economic recession and ensure the further development of the business.

We are grateful to each respondent for the time, expert opinion and interest in our survey.

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