About Paying Taxes 2013

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Paying Taxes 2013 is a unique study from PwC, World Bank and IFC. Now in its eighth year, the study provides data on tax systems in 185 economies around the world, with an ability to monitor tax reform.

It is unique because it generates a set of indicators (the Total Tax Rate, the time to comply and the number of payments) that measure the world’s tax systems from the point of view of a standardised business (using a case-study scenario).

Paying Taxes is also unique in that it covers the full range of taxes paid in 185 economies by the company, measuring how the business complies with the different tax laws and regulations in each economy. The study not only looks at corporate income tax, but at all of the taxes and contributions that a domestic medium-size case study company must pay. It considers the full impact of all these taxes in terms of both their tax cost and their compliance burden on business.