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PwC Kazakhstan Legal

  • Our practice in Kazakhstan started in 2006.  Today we have well established practices in Almaty and Astana.
  • Our lawyers work independently and also as part of integrated teams alongside colleagues from the PwC Legal global network.
  • We provide a full range of legal services from initial investment support, employment and immigration issues to full scope support for complex M&A and joint venture transactions in Kazakhstan and abroad.

  • We represent the interests of private and public companies in
    Kazakhstan, working across all sectors of the economy.

PwC Legal Services Global Network

  • PwC’s legal services network comprises more than 3500 business lawyers in 90 countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Australia.
  • Notwithstanding its accounting roots, PwC Legal is one of the largest legal services providers in the world.
  • PwC Legal’s capabilities cover issues regulated by all areas of law, including corporate, customs, IP, commercial, employment and immigration law, mergers and acquisitions.

Practice areas 

  • Legal due diligence: Limited / full legal due diligence (buy-side, vendor assistance).
  • Legal structuring: Legal structuring of the transaction to ensure that all main criteria for the transaction are met, as well as market entry legal advice;
  • Legal step plan: preparation of the detailed step plan for implementation of the contemplated transaction structure, including description of main steps, documentation and timeline required for implementation;
  • Transaction related legal advice: Legal advice on various regulatory approvals, including, among others, antimonopoly clearance, currency control regulation (direct investments), state consents (subsoil use right transfer approval, state waiver from priority right), advising on equity financing, etc.;
  • Legal M&A support: Drafting of transaction documents as well as assistance with negotiations during acquisitions/sales of stakes in Kazakhstan companies (legal support to the sellers/buyers);
  • JVs: Legal support during establishing a Kazakhstan based joint venture between the stake holders, including drafting of the constituent documents, assistance with negotiations, etc.;
  • Legal support during implementation: Legal support during obtaining various consents, i.e., antimonopoly consent for conduction of economic concentration, registration of foreign direct investments, etc.;
  • Registration/liquidation: Legal assistance during registrations/liquidations of legal entities in Kazakhstan, including drafting of the required documentation, interaction with state authorities, etc.;
  • Ongoing assistance: Legal support with preparation of various corporate minutes, notification of state authorities, etc.;
  • Corporate governance: Legal support with respect to developing the companies’ corporate governance;
  • Miscellaneous: Legal support with respect to various corporate matters, including analysis of resolving corporate disputes between the stakeholders, squeeze out analysis, etc. 
  • Commercial transactions: drafting, negotiations on complex commercial contracts, including goods supply contracts, lease agreements, franchising contracts, etc.;
  • Legal support in transactions related to real estate, from structuring the deal, drafting documentation and negotiating projects related to the real property development;
  • Lease and property management: negotiations and drafting of lease agreements to building management matters;
  • Structuring and advising on financing of subsoil users;
  • Drafting and negotiating amendments/renewal of the subsoil use contract;
  • Full legal support and preparation of documents on conclusion of the subsoil use contract;
  • Legal due diligence of subsoil use companies, including a detailed review of the companies' compliance with the terms of subsoil use;
  • Legal support with respect to various intellectual property matters, including legal consulting on permits/licenses, intellectual property protection matters (including trademark and invention rights protection regulation, registration /structuring/ transfer and licensing exclusive rights to objects of intellectual property and protection of copyright, know-how and domain names), etc.
  • Drafting labour contracts in compliance with legislation, including those for top managers of companies;
  • Assistance in developing efficient incentive schemes for employees and compensation packages for executives;
  • Advice on hiring foreign employees, secondment and corporate transfer schemes.
  • Advising on aircraft, maritime and railcar finance & leasing;
  • Full legal support for export and import financing;
  • Legal support on bank and corporate lending, bond offerings, derivatives;
  • Assistance with debt restructuring & insolvency;
  • Full legal support on initial and secondary public offerings;
  • Project Finance, Securitization & PPP;
  • Islamic Finance;
  • Legal advice with respect to various finance & securities regulation in the jurisdictions.  
  • Advising on foreign direct investments, including legal structuring of investment project: corporate structuring or investment contract matrix structuring (EPC, Off-take, PMC, Financing and other related contracts);
  • Advising on a terms and condition of investment contracts, including legal support on signing of investment contracts with Kazakh authorities (investment project contracts, priority projects contracts, SEZs, concession contracts, PPP contracts, subsoil use contracts, etc.);
  • Legal support on obtaining of investment preferences and conducting negotiations, meetings with Kazakh authorities

Our team


Mike Ahern 
Partner, Tax & Legal Services

Tel.: +7 (727) 330 3200

Yelena Ryzhkova
Director, Leader of Legal Practice in Kazakhstan

Tel.: +7 (727) 330 3200
Mobile: +7 (701) 714 5556


Arlan Yerzhanov
Legal Services Director

Practice areas
- Corporate and Commercial law
- Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
- Subsurface Use (Oil and Gas and Mining)
- Employment law

Tel.: +7 (727) 330 3200
Mobile: + 7(701) 768 0336

Yerkebulan Rakhmenov
Senior Manager, Legal Services

Practice areas
- Corporate and Commercial law
- Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
- Banking and Finance law
- Construction law (EPC contracts

Tel.: +7 (727) 330 32 00
Mobile: +7 (701) 113 67 77

Assel Kazbekova
Senior Manager, Legal Services

Practice areas
- Energy and Natural resources
- Construction and EPC contracts
- Employment and Immigration law
- Corporate and Commercial law

Tel.: +7(727) 330 32 00
Mobile: + 7(702) 383 09 13


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Legal benchmarking

«In-House Legal Function Benchmarking Survey - 2017»

PwC launching a survey “In-House Legal Function Benchmarking Survey – 2016” (the “Survey”) which is held for the first time in Kazakhstan!

The Survey would help to explore, analyse and systemise data on activities of legal department in a company, which would also promote further development of the company. The uniqueness of this Survey lies in the fact that it is held by lawyers about lawyers and especially for lawyers.

The benchmarking aims at collecting information on and analysing the main issues that directly affect how legal departments perform.

The Survey would cover the following issues:

  • role of legal departments and chief legal officers;
  • structure of legal departments;
  • size of legal departments;
  • workload of legal departments;
  • corporate incentive systems and their relation to legal departments;
  • budgets of legal departments;
  • engaging external consultants.

To participate in the Survey the participants will need to fill out a straightforward questionnaire.

All participants will receive a free individualised report on the results of the Survey.

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