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People are probably the most valuable asset of business. If business requires sending them overseas, they will face certain tax liabilities, social security and pension obligations.

Our purpose is to make mobility easy. How do we do that? We are globally consistent…relationship driven… and innovation enabled. We have over 10,000 P&O specialists in 138 countries around the world. We served over 17,500 clients in the last two years including 76% of the Global Fortune 500.

Through our global network of PwC member firms, we support both companies and individuals providing insightful solutions to minimise the tax burden for both parties. PwC is aimed at helping organisations manage the complex tax, planning operational and strategic aspects of deploying an international workforce.

Across our global network, we can provide practical support in the following areas:

  • International assignees management designed to reduce costs of tax payments;
  • Pre-assignment planning, conducting of pre- and post-departure tax consultations;
  • Kazakhstan individual tax return completion
  • Repatriation assistance and on-going support in locations throughout the world.  

To meet the mobile employees’ needs, they need technology as mobile as they are. We have PwC’s myMobility tool, an app that provides mobile employees with convenient real-time updates on all of the global mobility tax and immigration work that PwC is performing anytime, anywhere and free of cost.

The myMobility app was created from independent research into our mobile employees’ needs and desires.  Features include:

  • Real-time status information
  • One-touch access to their PwC contacts
  • Travel folio for important travel documents
  • Secure, mobile access to their PwC filing cabinet
  • Integrated scanning features for uploading documents to PwC
  • Seamless integration with the myMobility corporate dashboard and PwC’s global mobility tools.


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