The global immigration landscape has become increasingly complex. Now more than ever, organizations must make sure their global mobility programs are immigration compliant. Failure to do so can increase corporate risk and may result in severe penalties for your employees and your company.

A compliant immigration program demands an immigration law firm that can prepare any type of immigration application, for any country around the globe, at a moment’s notice while making sure the greater needs of your company are met. We can help you manage complex immigration requirements to place your people where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Structuring the employment of foreign nationals in Kazakhstan and other countries represents one of PwC's strongest consulting practice areas, both in Kazakhstan and worldwide.

We aim to create the most effective structures for employing foreign nationals and assist in obtaining all documents required for working in Kazakhstan, including work visas and permits for expatriate employees and visas for their family members.

  • Our practice specializes in providing comprehensive consulting on employee relocation, business immigration, and other immigration-related issues.
  • We work closely with experts in personal and corporate taxation, and always consider the tax aspects of international employee assignments.
  • Our solutions are proven through practice and, if necessary, can be tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.
  • We provide one-stop-shop services whereby we advise and set up the proper assignment structure bring your foreign personnel to Kazakhstan (immigration and relocation support), run all the required compliance (accounting, payroll, HR), help expats to fulfill their personal tax obligations and finally ensure proper termination arrangements upon end of assignment from tax and immigration standpoint.
  • We advise clients on employee relocations to 130 countries around the world.
  • Relocation support that helps foreign employee at every step of the way to Kazakhstan
  • Consulting on all aspects of compliance with immigration requirements, standards and processes
  • Structuring the employment of expatriates in Kazakhstan from tax and legal standpoint, including designing compensation packages so as to maintain home-country social benefits
  • Obtaining immigration documents for expatriate employees
  • Submitting quota applications for hiring expatriates
  • Registering employees with the  Migration Police Department
  • Advising and providing support for obtaining  visas
  • Complying with all notification and registration requirements related to employing expatriates
  • Conducting due diligence and internal audits for immigration law compliance
  • Labour disputes resolution.

We are a cross border Team!

What makes us different:

To meet the mobile employees’ needs, they need technology as mobile as they are. We have PwC’s myMobility tool, an app that provides mobile employees with convenient real-time updates on all of the global mobility tax and immigration work that PwC is performing anytime, anywhere and free of cost.

The myMobility app was created from independent research into our mobile employees’ needs and desires.  Features include:

  • Online tracking of work permits and work visas expiration dates
  • Real-time status information
  • One-touch access to their PwC contacts
  • Travel folio for important travel documents
  • Secure, mobile access to their PwC filing cabinet
  • Integrated scanning features for uploading documents to PwC
  • Seamless integration with the myMobility corporate dashboard and PwC’s global mobility tools.


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