Organisational culture

Corporate culture is an asset, and we offer you a way to manage it effectively. Our approach to corporate culture is based on two key components: employee values and behaviour. We believe that in today’s ever-changing world, it is behavioural change, and consequently changes in values, that is the most effective in transforming your corporate culture.

In order to ensure your transformation’s success, we:

  • Utilise features of your company's existing culture
  • Engage informal leaders and managers in the transformation process so that they can become role models and lead by example
  • Focus on the types of new employee behaviour that can bring change to your corporate values
  • Create conditions to incentivise the right kind of behaviour

Did you know…

  • 93% of CEOs say it’s important their organisation has a strong corporate purpose that’s reflected in its value, culture and behaviours*
  • Companies managing their culture with probability: two times more implement their strategy; one point eight times more show the best profitability and growth indicators

*source: PwC 20th CEO survey

How can we help?


  • Diagnose corporate culture features that determine employee behavior (using tools: PwC OrgDNA, Culture Diagnostic Accelerator, etc.)
  • Assess the degree of consistency in corporate culture features and strategic priorities of the company. Analyse subcultures in the company
  • Evaluate cultural "risks" and cultural "opportunities" of the company. Define case for change, describing the benefits of change.


  • Determine target culture and development behavior model
  • Develop integrated strategy for changing corporate culture
  • Develop program for introducing changes in different areas


  • Transform. Work with managers and informal leaders
  • Transform. Propagation of changes
  • Transform. Creating a reinforcement system
  • Transformation monitoring


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