Organisational design

There is a compelling argument that people’s behaviour in organisations is strongly influenced by the environment and by the role they adopt, and is by no means solely a reflection of their personality.

Paul Tosey, Understanding Organisation Development

As part of OD&D projects we support clients on the path to achieving their strategy through changes in:

  • Organizational structure and respective headcount, roles and responsibilities’ allocation
  • Governance and decision making
  • Competencies, formal and informal interaction among employees

Projects we deliver (with respective results)

Strategic workforce planning projects

Ensure business-relevant human resource planning which provides resources “in the right place and at the right time” on the basis of an IT platform.

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Headcount management projects allow organizations to adopt

A pragmatic and flexible approach to managing staff costs while ensuring benefits’ maximization for both the organization and its employees.

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HR transformation

Projects ensure high-quality strategic decision making within the organization due to comprehensive review and redesign of its people management function. We cover all aspects of HR: from strategy, processes and competencies to digitalization, people data analytics and Human capital (HC) return on investment. While we focus primarily on the HR functions, we also go beyond them and address the impact of non-HR functions on people management within an organization. 

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