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Services and Solutions

  • Performance-based Executive Reward and Compensation – Review, design and implement motivating & tax-efficient packages for top executives linked to performance
  • Job evaluation and grading – Design of ranking system based on job’s importance for the company and contribution to the results of the company
  • Long-term Incentive Plans – Develop and implement effective & tax-efficient plans with cash and/or non-cash elements
  • Performance-related Pay – Develop and implement bonus and/or incentive schemes to foster performance
  • Salary Policy and Packages – Design fair, market-appropriate and affordable salary policy and base pay, bonus and benefits for individuals, groups or all employees of the organization
  • “PayWell” – Salary and Benefits Survey
  • Health and Welfare Benefits Services – Review health and welfare plan design and performance
  • Top team alignment and effectiveness – Develop top management effectiveness on personal and team level
  • Talent management systems – Design and implement systems and actions that help organizations to attract, motivate and retain the best employees
  • Leadership effectiveness development – design and implement a framework for leadership effectiveness at every level
  • “Leadershape” – Diagnostic tool to analyse corporate history against leadership improvements (strategy, organization design, reward, incentive and motivation)
  • HR strategy design – Support the organization to align its HR strategy to serve the overall strategy
  • HR process and system diagnostics and improvement - Design "appropriate HR delivery model”
  • Workforce planning – establish the appropriate number of employees, consider the age profile
  • Human capital effectiveness survey «Saratoga» – Measurement system and benchmarking tool used to increase efficiency of HR functions and identify potential cost saving spheres related to human capital investments. Development and implementation of HR KPI dashboards customized with company needs
  • Employee engagement survey
  • HR Due Diligence – Identify financial liabilities, measure operational risks and issues around HR and people
  • Pre-Merger Planning – Understand strategic objectives and cultural differences prior to a deal
  • Post-Merger Integration – Support leadership and HR in the transition (strategy, organization, processes, HR systems)
  • Change management – Support communication with employees and other stakeholders during a deal, developing rewards and retention systems related to the deal etc.
  • HR administration audit
  • HR administration process analysis and set up
  • HR administration an ongoing or one-off basis:
  • Drafting templates of documents related to HR administration in accordance with local legislation
  • Outsourcing of HR administration function (e.g. new hires/termination/working conditions changes; maintaining personnel files, labor books; processing staff schedule, vacation schedule)

How are we different?

We put the emphasis on measurable effects that create value: we are realistic and pragmatic. PwC ensures extensive know-how for complex problem-solving with our overall economic, tax, accounting and legal background. We have strong experience in the financial, technological, energy, pharmaceutical and commercial sectors.

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