PwC PayWell Survey Kazakhstan 2019

PwC PayWell Kazakhstan 2019 invites you to:

  • learn more about competitive remuneration practices (base and variable pay) of top local and international companies in Kazakhstan;
  • learn about HR trends in Kazakhstan;
  • receive analytical material on labor remuneration policies, including indicators of the effectiveness of the HR function and benchmarks in terms of the headcount per functions;
  • receive an analysis of gender pay in the context of the job families, hierarchy and industry. (NEW 2019!)
  • be able to calculate key performance indicators of the HR function (HC ROI, labor costs, etc.) of your company and compare them with the market.

Our Survey will help you develop / improve the compensation strategy in your company in accordance with market trends, determine the competitive level of remuneration of your employees, as well as determine effective methods of attracting and retaining talent.


Registration – 10 % discount on early confirmation (before March 15)

Data Collection – full support in job matching and completing survey questionnaires by PwC consultants

Data Validation – verification of the individual data and processed data analytics.

Report Release – compensation and benefits practices, salary data report and Saratoga benchmarks reports release. Interactive tool and a PayWell Dashboard data visualization tool distribution to participants.

Bonuses PayWell Kazakhstan 2019

More than 2000 unique positions in job catalogue covers specifics of any industry

Complimentary interactive tool for analyzing company salary data with the market

Peer group report (optionally): customized reference group report from the list of Survey participants

All reward elements included in the Survey: base pay, variable pay and benefits

NEW! Complimentary PayWell Dashboard data visualization tool

NEW! PwC Academy training on Performance Management participation (free for one employee)

Industry Reports

Banks (Financial institutions)
Non-governmental organizations
Oil & Gas
Retail and Consumer
Fashion Retail

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