Automation of tax administration – electronic audit and horizontal monitoring

PwC facilitates elaboration of Kazakhstani concepts of electronic audit (e-audit) and horizontal monitoring. The Ministry of Finance is in charge of initiating measures for automation of tax and customs administration. These measures aim at minimising the need for direct contact between tax authorities and taxpayers in order to increase transparency in the interaction between state institutions and taxpayers. There is a dedicated working group that studies global practices of the most advanced forms of tax administration. PwC assists in gathering the relevant experience and elaborating methodological and technological aspects of the concepts.

PwC has a wide network of professionals in tax function effectiveness and tax technology who have worked with regulators of the various advanced jurisdictions, as well as taxpayers in these countries. Unique experience they have collected, along with knowledge of the Kazakhstani tax trends and relations maintained by our local team with SRC champions leading the tax administration reform, let us be aware of the most important trends in the tax administration happening around the globe with deep understanding of their objectives, details and timelines.

  • Summarising international (cross-country) practices of electronic audit (e-audit) and horizontal monitoring
  • Assistance with diagnostics and improvement of the internal controls system (in tax accounting processes), while its quality is crucial for e.g. determining the level of details of e-audit checks
  • Assistance with developing a methodology / guidance on data sharing or approaches to testing your data to be submitted for e-audit (control correlations)
  • Help with development of the standard audit file structure (XML, SAF-T, XBRL) by mapping it to proper accounting data in any ERP (SAP, 1C, Oracle, Navision)
  • Assistance with testing the internal controls system and standard audit file
  • Trainings and awareness seminars
  • Help with preparing for and accompanying through the pilot projects on e-audit and horizontal monitoring

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