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Kazakhstan VAT legislation presents taxpayers with some of the biggest challenges they will face while operating in Kazakhstan. While the basic principles of VAT in Kazakhstan broadly adhere to those found in traditional European VAT systems, there are important peculiarities in the application of Kazakhstan VAT. Among these are the special VAT provisions under product sharing agreements which will have significant implications for not only the subsurface users but also their subcontractors and customers.

The nature of the Kazakhstan legislation means that VAT will impact your business, certainly in terms of cash flow, and often from a profitability standpoint. Proper VAT planning is essential to managing this impact.

Why PwC?

Although we specialize in VAT, we also consider its impact in relation to other taxes. This integrated approach gives you effective access to the largest group of tax professionals in Kazakhstan. We will help you streamline your operations to minimize VAT costs and provide you with the skill and the foresight that you need to actually manage your VAT, rather than just to accept it as an uncontrollable cost.

We understand and appreciate the specific needs of your business. As a key part of the PwC Central and Eastern European Indirect Tax network incorporating over 125 tax professionals across 24 countries, PwC Kazakhstan offers comprehensive solutions to all of your VAT needs across the region.

PwC can help you:

  • Minimize VAT compliance costs and VAT risks
  • Develop strategies for achieving VAT refunds
  • Structure VAT cash flow for both revenues and costs
  • Eliminate problems associated with reverse-charge VAT
  • Accelerating recovery of input VAT related to zero-rated turnover
  • Structure cross-border VAT to reduce VAT costs on services
  • Address VAT issues arising from specific product sharing agreements

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